Volvo S60R
Type Vehicle
Market Price $180,000
Resale Market Price $90,000

Just like the other S60s, the S60R is an entry-level luxury sedan, it can seat four people and has a top speed of 40MPH. 

Aspects which set the R apart from standard S60s were the large Brembo front and rear four-piston brakes, 18-inch 5-spoke "Pegasus" wheels (available as an upgrade to the standard 17-inch wheels of the same design), blue faced "R" gauges, standard HID headlights, as well as the Four-C suspension system.

"This supportive family car is a must have for any typical family, it comes with 4 seats for you, the spouse and the kids.This car has been made with only the top quality materials guaranteeing it's built to last. This Swedish produced car is sure to make your spouse say "Wow! What an average family car!" - Market description


Colours Edit

It can be custom-coloured by a mechanic.

Bodygroups Edit

  • Front bumper
  • Wing

Mechanics are able to make modifications to each bodygroup.