Security Guard
Example Playermodel
Type Civilian
Spawn Location V4B1- Empire Hotel/Tides Hotel | V2B- ?
Salary $200
♥ Salary $400
The Security Guards are the bouncer, the safety advisor, the bodyguard.  It is their duty to offer your protective services to a business or citizens that are in need. Their services can range from a private escort to a door/lobby guard.

But they should keep in mind: they are a trained citizen. They know how to fight a thief, but they should call the police unless forced to act.  And, instead of killing they should be focused on detaining.

They have the option to detain the unwanted, then call the police to arrest or fine the subject.  They also have access to a weapon, to be used as a last resort.  A security guard should shoot only if themselves or their client is at risk.

This job is a defensive role, which means you should not be the one to initiate conflict.

Commands Edit

  • /advert - Send out an advert
  • /pm [player] - Send a private message to a player
  • /request - Send a request to the government