Secret Service
Example of a Secret Service Agent's model.
Type Government
Spawn Location V4B1 - Nexus, Top Floor | V2B - Town Hall , Top Floor
Salary $235
♥ Salary $470

It is the Secret Service Agent's duty to ensure that the President, Vice President and any guests of theirs are safe from any threat.

The keyword is secret. Their duties can involve vehicle escort, guard duty, interrogation or hostage negotiation if the President is captured, but shouldn't involve themselves in regular law enforcement (patrolling the city, pursuits, etc.).

This job is a Government Role, which means you report to your superior.

This job is a defensive role, which means you should not be the one to initiate conflict.

 Included Items Edit

Listed here are the items which you are automatically equipped with on spawn.

  • FN Five Seven
  • Taser gun
  • ASP Baton
  • Handcuffs
  • Arrest / Unarrest Baton

Additionally the following items may be equipped by using an Arms Locker. It costs 700$ to choose your loadout. V4B1 - Lockers are located on the first floor of the Nexus (SWAT floor - Near the glass rooms) and in the jails (In the Prison office rooms). | V2B - Police Station.

  • P90
  • AR-15
  • P250
  • First Aid Kit

A Secret Service Suburban can be bought from the market for $35,000

A Government Limousine can be bought from the market for $350,000 and 5 Government Roleplay Experience Points.

Commands Edit

  • /radio - Sends a message to all government workers.
  • /distress - Sends a distress call to all government workers.
  • /resupply - Resupplies ammo and other supplies (can only be done at your SS Vehicle).