Basic Info Edit

Salaries are automatic payments to each player based on their job.

They are received every 5 minutes, and vary depending on the team you are in.

Tax Edit

The President receives their income by taxing players. For example, if the tax is set to 10%, then 10% of every player's salary will go to the president.

Member Salaries Edit

One perks of an active Membership is double salary on all jobs. If you receive $100 normally, you would receive $200 as a Member.

Note: You must have an active Member status to have this perk.

Salary Table Edit

Job Salary ($) Member (♥) Salary ($)
President Dependent on tax Dependent on tax
Vice President Dependent on tax Dependent on tax
Secret Service Agent 235 470
SWAT Sergeant 250 500
SWAT Unit 200 400
Police Sergeant 250 500
Police Officer 200 400
Paramedic 175 350
Fireman 175 350
Nexus Desk Secretary 175 350
Citizen 50 100
Security Guard 200 400
Chauffeur 200 400
Doctor 150 300
Chef 150 300
Gun Dealer 150 300
Black Market Dealer 150 300
Anarchist 200 400
Don Corleone 250 500
Corleone Member 200 400

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