Police/SWAT Tahoe
Type Government Vehicle
Market Price $10,000
Resale Market Price $5,000

The Police/SWAT Tahoe is a full-size SUV used by the police and SWAT in EvoCity. It offers seating for four people and has a top speed of 62 MPH. Police and SWAT can resupply at this vehicle by performing /resupply.

"It's not fat, it's plus-size. The Tahoe might not be as fast as the regular patrol cars, but it makes up for it in two ways: it's more intimidating, and it can carry more gear. As such, officers are able to more readily resupply from this vehicle. That also makes it suitable for SWAT teams." - Market description 



It can be custom-coloured by a mechanic .


  • ALPR
  • Antenne
  • Sidepanels
  • Bullbar
  • Lightbar
  • Equipment
  • Grill
  • Lamp
  • Front window lights
  • Rear window lights
  • Grill lights
  • Rear bumper lights
  • Partition
  • Roof Rack
  • Running boards
  • Snokle
  • Wheels 
  • Windows

Mechanics are able to make modifications to each bodygroup.