Example Paramedic model
Type Government
Spawn Location Emergency/Fire Station (V4B1 / V2B)
Salary $175
♥ Salary $350

Basic Info Edit

The Paramedics the medical unit of EvoCity and Rockford.  It is their duty to ensure the health and welfare of all citizens of the city.

Their first priority is the safety of the citizens and themselves. They should not put themselves at risk to heal others.  During a raid, they should deploy a triage nearby and wait until the firefight is over.

Their Ambulance is equipped to keep your medical kit supplied, and the back can serve as a mobile medic bay.

This job is a Government Role, which means you report to your superior.

This is a passive role, which means you avoid conflict and fights wherever possible.

Included Items Edit

The paramedic spawns with a first aid kit which can be used to heal and revive injured players.

An ambulance may also be purchased from the market for $1000.

Commands Edit

/radio - Send a message to all government workers

/resupply - Resupplies the medkit. Can be done at your ambulance, and the medical crate in the fire station/hospital.