Basic Info Edit

Nexus Desk Secretary
Example NDS Model
Type Government
Spawn Location V4B1 - Nexus Lobby | V2B - Town Hall
Salary $175
♥ Salary $350
The Nexus Desk Secretary are the welcoming committee of the Nexus, the hub of the government structure.  They are in charge of handing out passes to those that want a meeting with the President, or handling requests and Dispatch for the entire government team.

As a Secretary, you are able to communicate with the entire team, acting as Dispatch, and can issue blue, green and red passes to citizens.

This job is a Government Role, which means you report to your superior.

This is a passive role, which means you avoid conflict and fights wherever possible.

Commands Edit

/radio - Send a message to all government workers

/pass give [player] [green/red/blue] - Grants the player a government pass, that will be displayed on their character.