Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG
Type Vehicle
Market Price $300,000
Resale Market Price $150,000

The Mercedes-Benz G65, sometimes called G-Wagen (short for Geländewagen, "cross country vehicle") is a mid-size four-wheel drive luxury SUV. The G-wagen is characterized by its boxy styling and body-on-frame construction. It uses three fully locking differentials, one of the few vehicles to have such a feature.

For $300,000, the Mercedes-Benz G65 offers 5 seats and a top speed of 42MPH.

"The Mercedes-Benz G65 is one of the most luxurious SUVs available in EvoCity. Suiable for all kinds of terrain, the twin-turbo 5.5-liter will get you anywhere a matter of minutes. The G65 is brilliant for all types of tasks... whether it's protecting the president, cross-country treks, or looking down on those inferior smaller cars." - Market description

Modifications Edit

Colours Edit

The Mercedes has 3 pre-set colours which can be selected at the BP Gas Station. These are:

  • White
  • 'Distressed' White
  • Army Camo

It can be custom-coloured by a mechanic.

Bodygroups Edit

2015-08-21 00006

A 'Distressed' White Mercedes

The optional bodygroup features are:

  • Hood light cages
  • Style of Spoiler
  • Front Bumper Style
  • Rear Bumper Style
  • Extra Wheel on Rear
  • Interior Screen Style
  • Exhaust

Mechanics are able to make modifications to each bodygroup.