Example Model of an Mechanic
Type Merchant
Spawn Location V4B1- Connectivity Road Warehouse
Salary  ?
♥ Salary  ?
They are the grease monkey… the vehicle guru.  It is their duty to ensure that all vehicles are healthy and to the citizen's satisfactions. They help the owners fix their cars, as well as offer modifications and different colors to all vehicles.

They are to be available to all citizens.They shouldn't engage thugs;instead they should let the police deal with that. They should focus instead on providing roadside service to those in need.  They could start up a Vehicle Recovery and Impound shop, or a Roadside Assistant Technician.  Perhaps just a small repair shop at the gas station.

This job is a passive role, which means you should avoid conflict and fights wherever possible.

Commands Edit

  • /advert - Send out an advert
  • /pm [player] - Send a private message to a player
  • /request - Send a request to the government
  • /givemoney [amount] - Give money to the player facing you
  • /dropmoney [amount] - Drop money into the world
  • You can use the context menu (default C) and right click on a vehicle to paint and modify it.