Gun Dealer
Gun Dealer
Example Model of a Gun Dealer
Type Merchant
Spawn Location V4B1- Mainstreet | V2B- ?
Salary $150
♥ Salary $300
The Gun Dealers are the weaponsmith, the gun expert, or gun nut.  It is their duty to supply weapons and modifications of all kinds to the city.

They are to be available to all citizens.  They shouldn't engage thugs;instead they should let the police deal with that. They should focus instead on providing the weapons that allow folk to defend themselves from the thugs of the city, or aid the thugs themselves.  They could start up a shop anywhere, from a small pile of boxes in the alley to a large display shop downtown.

This job is a passive role, which means you should avoid conflict and fights wherever possible.

Commands Edit

  • /advert - Send out an advert
  • /pm [player] - Send a private message to a player
  • /request - Send a request to the government
  • /givemoney [amount] - Give money to the player facing you
  • /dropmoney [amount] - Drop money into the world
  • Press F1 and click the ‘Market’ tab to buy weaponry items.