Ford Transit
Type Vehicle
Market Price $90,000
Resale Market Price $45,000

The Ford Transit a light commercial vehicle that serves as a cargo van and passenger van, with 2 seats in front and a top speed of 60MPH; it costs $90 000. There are 2 seats in the back, however when sitting in these, the player cannot use third-person to see where they're going.The back of the van may also be used for transporting props and/or items, by right-clicking them with the hands tool, and dropping them inside.

"Used by companies worldwide, the Transit is just your average delivery van. It can carry as much as you can cram into the boot, whether it's food produce or other certain 'goods. *wink wink*" - Market description.

Modifications Edit

Colours Edit

This vehicle comes with many pre-set colours to choose from, many being very similar to each other. The colours available are:

  • White
  • White with Ford logo
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Army camo
  • Navy camo
  • Wood Texture
  • Metal Texture

It can be custom-coloured by a mechanic.

Bodygroups Edit

The additions that can be added to the van are:

  • Front bumper
  • Rear bumper
  • Skirt
  • Trim

Mechanics are able to make modifications to each bodygroup.