Ford Raptor
Type Vehicle
Market Price $160,000
Resale Market Price $80,000

The Ford Raptor is an off-road oriented truck which costs $160,000 from the market. It has 5 seats, a top speed of 58MPH and a bed which can carry props and/or items.

"This car is a beast. Suitable to carry props in the trunk, there's absolutely no better way to carry all the stuff lying around your house. 'Yee-dawgies, it's a darn good vee-hicle fer all me wittled corn! a reviewer by the name of Billy-Bob told us, shortly before escorting us off his lawn with a shotgun." - Market description

Modifications Edit

Colours Edit

The Raptor has many similar colours to select from at the BP Gas Station. The noticeable ones are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Wood Texture
  • Metal Texture
  • Army Camo
  • Navy Camo
  • Army Decor

It can be custom-coloured by a mechanic.

2015-08-21 00002

Metal Texture

2015-08-21 00003

Navy Camo

2015-08-21 00001

Army Decor