Basic Info Edit

Example model of a firefighter
Type Government
Spawn Location Emergency/Fire Station (V4B1 / V2B)
Salary $175
♥ Salary $350
The Firemen are on call to put out all fires that occur within the city.  Be it accidental or arson… with their top-class equipment, they can put them all out.

They have the ability to access damaged vehicles to clear them off the road, and they can pull victims out of harm's way. Keeping the city safe is their top priority.

This job is a Government Role, which means you report to your superior.

This job is a passive role, which means you should avoid conflict and fights wherever possible.

Included Items Edit

Listed here are the items which you are automatically equipped with on spawn.

  • Fireaxe
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit

A fire engine may also be purchased from the market for $1,000.

A fire chief suburban may be purchased from the market for $25,000. This item requires 3 Government REPs to purchase and use.

Commands Edit

/radio - Send a message to all government workers

/resupply - Resupplies foam for your fire extinguisher. Can be done at your fire engine, and the fire station locker.

Right-Click with hands - Drag a ragdolled player