Don Corleone
Don Corleone
Example Model of the Don Corleone
Type Underground
Spawn Location V4B1- Corleone Street | V2B- ?
Salary $250
♥ Salary $500
He runs the city’s biggest hub of organised crime, the infamous Corleone family. Whether it’s smuggling in drugs or providing ‘protection’ to merchants, he's the decision maker as to how he’ll be making money.

He has gotten far in life by looking out for his family, and being smart - his top priority is the men who work for him.

This job is a criminal role, which means you are in the element of conflict.  Read the rules in the F1 Menu to ensure what you’re doing is allowed.

Included Items Edit

  • ECM Jammer

Commands Edit

  • /radio - Send a message to all Corleones
  • /demote [player] - Demote a player from the Corleone team
  • /teamname - Set the job of the Corleones to a custom text