Example Model of a Doctor
Type Merchant
Spawn Location V4B1- Top Street | V2B- ?
Salary $150
♥ Salary $300
With supplies ranging from emergency medical kits to stimulants, there’s not much more to say than “Trust me, I’m a doctor!”.

They are to be available to all citizens. They shouldn't engage thugs; instead they should let the police deal with that. They should focus instead on providing medical supplies to those in need.  They could start up a shop anywhere, from a small clinic in Industrial to providing surgery at the Hospital.

This job is a passive role, which means you should avoid conflict and fights wherever possible.

Commands Edit

  • /advert - Send out an advert.
  • /pm [player] - Send a private message to a player.
  • /request - Send a request to the government.
  • /givemoney [amount] - Give money to the player facing you.
  • /dropmoney [amount] - Drop money into the world.
  • Press F1 and click the ‘Market’ tab to buy pharmaceutical items.