Basics to Citizen Edit

Example Playermodel
Type Civilian
Spawn Location Unknown
Salary $50
♥ Salary $100

The citizen makes up the majority of the Evocity population. Citizens are normal, law-abiding people that are just going about their daily lives in the city and are (to some extent) open to the most vast majorities of roleplay.

Custom Jobs as a Citizen Edit

As a citizen, one may set a custom job to just about anything-within server rules-and act as such. While a person may be a part of the citizen class while having a custom job (i.e. Criminal), the citizen job is merely a large umbrella for that of all kinds of roleplay that may take place. If one has a custom job set to "Criminal", then he/she no longer has to roleplay as a normal citizen but as that certain job.

Citizens, unlike many other jobs, can team up with just about anyone and take part in Corleone, Rebel, or Government roleplay. If a person in the citizen class, who has permission from the group he/she are trying to join, wants to aid their Rebel friends he/she may set their job to something along the lines of "Rebel Associate" and work with that group. The same goes for other classes such as the government. Remember to always get permission before changing your job if you wish to work with a group that is already in place.

Illegal Activity as a Citizen Edit

Citizens are open to all forms of illegal activity: contraband, growing marijuana, and producing meth. When doing so, the wisest decision is to set one's job to "Criminal"or that of something accurately describing what you are doing when in that job. Regardless of that, citizens are open to freely take part in illegal activity and for their friends to join in, in doing so as well.