Black Market Dealer
Black Market Dealer
Example Model of a Black Market Dealer
Type Merchant
Spawn Location V4B1- Behind Backstreet Apartments | V2B- ?
Salary $150
♥ Salary $300
The Black Market Dealers are the go-to guys for those ‘certain items’. From explosives to less-than-legal drugs, they’re likely to attract a tougher crowd in their dealings.

They’ll need to be off the radar in their sales: a shop called ‘ILLEGAL GOODS’ won’t go down well with the police. Instead, they should use an innocent front and do the ‘real business’ in the back or stand around in the park and let word of mouth make them infamous.

They’d be foolish to call the police to help them stop a raid on their contraband. The life of a dealer is hard: they need to protect themselves and their goods in whatever way possible.

This job is a defensive role, which means you should not be the one to initiate conflict.

 Included Items Edit

Listed here are the items which you are automatically equipped with on spawn.

  • ECM Jammer

Commands Edit

  • /pm [player] - Send a private message to a player
  • /givemoney [amount] - Give money to the player facing you
  • /dropmoney [amount] - Drop money into the world
  • Press F1 and click the ‘Market’ tab to buy black market items.