Example model of an Anarchist
Type Criminal
Spawn Location V4B1- Connectivity Road | V2B- Town Hall
Salary $200
♥ Salary $400
“Those young hooligans are back!” They always hear people whisper as they cross to the other side of the street. Whether it is beating up the homeless, smashing a window or mugging a citizen in the back alley, they have no regard for personal property.  When they see a weakness in the infrastructure of the city, they will pounce on the opportunity to knock it over.

They are a criminal, but not a well organized one. Petty crime (muggings, car theft, chop shops, etc)is their forte.

You have basic weapons, but are by no means fully trained in them.  The Anarchists rule by fear: they are more likely to be up close and personal with a baseball bat rather than sniping from a rooftop.

This job is a criminal role, which means you are in the element of conflict.  Read the rules in the F1 Menu to ensure what you’re doing is allowed.

 Included Items Edit

Listed here are the items which you are automatically equipped with on spawn.

  • Makeshift Jammer

Commands Edit

  • /radio - Send a message to all Anarchists